Londonist Investments | About Us

Who Are We?


We are here to ensure guidance through every step of acquiring real estate in the UK, Turkey and Greece. As an international company with offices in London, Istanbul and Shanghai, Londonist Investments’ aim is to meet the customers with the right real estate investment. We help international investors explore the market in the UK, Turkey, Cyprus, Dubai and Greece, find the best options that meet their needs, and advise on the purchasing process.

We are here for you to make the best investment in the international real estate market with the experience of our team in the sector. We take real estate consultancy services one step further with our portfolio of commercial, residential and office investments in the UK, Turkey, Cyprus, Dubai and Greece.

Our Mission

To provide our clients a rich variety of properties that are affordable, sustainable, and profitable. To establish long lasting relationships based on trust, reliability, and honesty.

Our Vision

To offer a portfolio of properties to our clients matching their property investment needs with the best options in the market.